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Kentucky Derby Hats

Derby Tickets, Inc - Kentucky Derby HatsThe Kentucky Derby is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Between the excitement from the horses, the hats, and the famous Mint Juleps, there is nothing more full of color and excitement. The hats alone make for the most enjoyable experience due to the fact that they come in so many colors, sizes, and patterns. There is a rich history of hats as well as some influence on recent events.

  • History
    The Kentucky Derby has been a high-class event since the first race occurred. The hats were thought to model after European style racing events but the extravagant hats never really took hold until the 1960s. Fashion was rapidly changing at this time and it was becoming more acceptable for women to stand out. Big hats allowed for a change in attire that drew the attention of all those who were in attendance. Both young and old attendees wear hats as part of the tradition established
  • Hat Fashion
    Kentucky Derby hats have changed a lot over time. The first races started out with a dress code of full morning dress to draw people in. This meant that hats and gloves were a must have. This somewhat limited the hat fashion and variety because it had to match the attire. However, in the 1960s with the rules of fashion relaxing more and more, hats began to evolve. The brims got bigger, designs got more extravagant, and colors got brighter.
  • Recent history
    The hats worn at the Kentucky Derby have begun to influence the recent history. The Derby claims that because of their hat trends, events like the royal wedding used hats to add to their outfits. More events have begun to wear hats and this is partially thanks to the popularity of Kentucky Derby fashion.
  • Celebrities
    The rich and famous have always been used to draw more and more people into the event. They have the ability to find the most interesting and unique hats to wear each year. Many people look to them for ideas of what type of hat they should look into. They are a huge inspiration to each event’s fashion and bring more and more people each and every year.

The Kentucky Derby is a highly anticipated event that many look forward to every year. The fashion, celebrities, horses, and overall atmosphere are such big draw each and every year. They have a history of high fashion that had to evolve to allow for the development of different hat fashions. If you get the chance to go, find yourself a unique hat to wear and embrace the history and culture of the event. If you have never been to at the Kentucky Derby, it is one you will not want to miss.

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