Kentucky Oaks Tickets - Section: 322 - 323 Row: Covered


Kentucky Oaks Tickets – Section: 322 – 323 Row: Covered

Covered third floor seats in section 323 or 323.



Kentucky Oaks Tickets in sections 322 and 323 are nice because your seats sit right around the 1/8 pole, where many horses make their final surge! The third floor grandstand is great because it is elevated which offers a full view of the track. The main difference between the grandstand area and the clubhouse area is that the concessions, betting windows, and restrooms are not as nice. Section 322 is the closest third floor grandstand section to the finish line. In the third floor grandstand, covered seating starts at row D. Covered seats are great because they protect you from the sun and rain.

This area is almost all 6 seat boxes with folding chair-back seats. So if you buy 6 seats here, you will be in your own private box!

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